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A dashboard view for Issuers displaying data visualizations of claim location and time of a credential. It features a map with dots to indicate locations of where credentials are claimed.

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Uncover new insights from onchain and offchain data to anticipate future wants & needs. Without compromising user privacy.

A data visualization of a map of the world with purple dots indicating where top POAP events take place. Also features a list of events.

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Take actions to optimize engagement and connect with your audience on Web2 or Web3 social platforms.

Data visualization of a bar graph and pie chart displaying common decentralized finance transactions graph that recipients of credential make the most.

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Credential successfully issued to 0x1234...1234!

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const { requestCredential, status } = useSelectiveDisclosure();

{ Discoxyz } = IssuerRegistry;

const requestShape = {
  schema: ‘Membership’,  
issuerName: Discoxyz,   
organizationName: ‘’,
type: ‘Developer’

useEffect(() => {  
 if (status === 'waiting') {  
   console.log(‘Waiting for credential’);
 } else if (status === 'unavailable') {
   console.log("You don’t have the credential")  
 } else if (status === 'disclosed') {
   console.log("You have the credential!")  
 } else {
}, [requestCredential, status])

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