belongs to you

Control your identity however you choose.

🎒Your Data Backpack

Control more than just tokens across the internet.
Carry your traits, preferences and accomplishments & more.

Control Your Data

Create a Profile and unique decentralized identifier (DID) to aggregate your data

Hold credentials that prove your contributions, memberships, accomplishments, mints, GMs, and more!

Set preferences as self-attestations to personalize your experiences

Aggregate your data and strengthen your Profile

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Personalize Your Experiences

Breeze past onboarding and automatically fill out forms with the verifiable data in your backpack

Discover and unlock relevant opportunities based on your actions kept as off-chain credentials

Your data is private by default. Nothing happens without your consent.

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For Community Leaders

Actionable insights and friendly creator tools.
Easily issue and manage credentials in the Issuer Dashboard.

No-code, free to start.
Create these credentials for your community today.

membership credentialoriginal minter credential
contributions credential
participation credentialstreak credential

Spaces and Activities for your Community
customized with credentials

guild x disco pilot
Case Study:
Credential-gated Chats & Content

Unlock access to:
  • Discord
  • Google Docs
  • Telegram
  • and more!

district labs nft partnership
Case Study:
Credential-gated NFT Minting

Create exclusive NFT mints accessible only to credential-holders.

No allowlists, no ZK proofs.


For Developers

Take advantage of a variety of API features

Store Credentials

Store credentials with the API, only visible to the recipient until they modify it


Verify credential signatures via the API, avoiding the need to verify yourself


Validate contents of any credential, check it conforms to a schema, and it’s not revoked


Manage revocation of credentials based on any criteria

Programmatic Issuance

Allow users to claim credentials signed by the API at the time of claim – and track the claim status

Ready to build with Disco?

Visit our docs and start building today.


Join our Discord

To join Disco’s Discord community, you must create a data backpack and earn a Disconaut credential by completing your profile.

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Disco in the Metaverse

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Evin McMullen, CEO | EthDenver

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Building a trustless and portable identity and reputation system with DIDs

Evin McMullen, CEO | RabbitHole Podcast S1 E17

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The Social Web3 | Protocols for a Digital Society | POAP, Lens Protocol, Disco.XYZ

Evin McMullen, CEO | BanklessHQ

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